Social media feeds are flooded with health hacks and wellness inspo of all kinds. Ever tried eye yoga or hair slugging? If you haven’t, just wait – it won’t be long before a new crop of tips and best practices take root. Trends come and go, which can make the whole concept of “wellness” a bit hazy. (What is ear seeding? And when did everyone start taking Ozempic?)

The fads may be fuzzy, but the opportunity in the health and wellness market is clear. Globally, the market is projected to soar to $12.9 trillion by 2031, according to Research and Markets. In the U.S., 9 out of 10 people say they practice self-care, and a third have increased their self-care activities lately.

One of the biggest reasons includes just feeling plain stressed out. People are also dealing with a host of ailments like high blood pressure and arthritis. As a result, they’re becoming more focused on improving their health and well-being. They want to be able to do the activities they enjoy and live a full, vigorous life.

In this wellness quest, some turn to favorite activities like walking or swimming. Others prefer hot trends like cold plunges, an activity that has surged in interest by 378% since 2022. Some studies say the practice can help with things like joint pain and inflammation and can benefit regular people, not just elite athletes.

Saunas are also having a moment in the wellness world. The sauna and spa market could exceed $181 billion by 2028 as people increasingly sweat it out to reap benefits like improved sleep, increased metabolism and better circulation.

While people seem willing to try almost anything to improve their health and wellness, most U.S. adults fall short of the recommended benchmarks for exercise. Only 28% get the suggested 150 weekly minutes of exercise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However consumers choose to pursue wellness, businesses can be part of the journey with promos. This could involve selling branded self-care items like plush robes or facial rollers, or it could mean giving out branded merch like water bottles to take on walks or jogs, or aromatherapy sprays for mindful cooldowns.

Read on for trends and brand-strengthening ideas in the health and wellness market:

Promote Wellness In The Workplace

Employee well-being is a major priority for organizations. In fact, nearly 40% place well-being in their top 10 HR priorities, with about 36% reporting it in the top three. The most widely cited employee stressors include an overwhelming workload (62%), difficulty balancing work and personal life (58%) and financial stress (45%). Promos help companies get the word out about wellness events or training programs on managing stress.

Reach New Year’s Resolutions With Promo

This year, people are approaching health and wellness more holistically. In the past, physical fitness has topped many resolution lists. This year, however, 55% of respondents in a Forbes Health/OnePoll survey say improving their physical and mental health are equally important. Other popular goals this year include improving finances (38%), losing weight (34%), improving diet (32%) and making more time for loved ones (25%).

Hit The Gym

In the United States, about 39% of adults hold gym memberships and spend about $30 a month to belong to those gyms. Most gym-goers are millennials (45%), followed by Gen Z (35%), Gen X (14%) and baby boomers (6%). Gyms and fitness clubs can use promos in all kinds of ways, from sign-up gifts to incentives for working out regularly.

Snooze To Not Lose

Poor sleep at night can lead to a plummet in productivity during the day. Gallup reports that in 2022, sleepy workers led to an estimated $44 billion in lost productivity. Businesses can use promo like branded sleep masks and pillow spray to encourage employees to get more quality shut-eye.

Let’s Get Physical

Physical activity amounts to a $71 billion segment of the health and wellness industry, representing about 21% of the market, according to a study by Redwood Advisors. It includes health clubs and gyms ($31 billion), exercise equipment ($15 billion), fitness trackers ($15 billion) and personal trainers ($9 billion). Branded items like workout apparel, duffel bags and jump ropes help wellness-related businesses and professionals connect with fitness enthusiasts.

Bring Some ‘Om’ To Your Marketing

About 40 million people practice yoga in the United States, spending more than $15 billion a year on yoga classes and equipment. Most people participate in yoga for stress relief and flexibility, and while yoga is most popular among people ages 30-49, a growing number of kids – about 2 million – have taken yoga classes. The practice can help them stay focused, remain relaxed and release any tension they may be holding. Yoga studios and fitness centers can promote yoga programs and camps with promos like yoga mats, towels and workout apparel.

Seeking Out CBD

People are increasingly making cannabidiol (CBD) part of their wellness regimen. In a Forbes Health Survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, 60% of respondents said they have tried a CBD product and believe it offers some medicinal benefits. Nearly 65% say CBD is safer to consume than alcohol, with most using it to reduce stress and relax. CBD consumption is either conditionally legal or fully legal in all 50 states, making promos a great way to share the potential benefits of CBD.

Campaign Collateral

wellness promo - Personal Health Record Keeper - The Book Company

The Personal Health Record Keeper puts all your essential health info in one portable journal. Recipients can track everything from vaccination records to insurance and pharmacy information in this hardbound book. Customize it with an imprint or belly band wrap.

The Book Company / PPAI 218850, S5

wellness promo - Essential Oil Card - Snugz USA

Ideal gifts from spas, massage centers and wellness coaches, the Essential Oil Card includes a petite vial of therapeutic-quality essential oil on a branded backer card. Choose from scents such as lavender, lemon and peppermint.

SnugZ USA / PPAI 112982, S12

wellness promo - Stainless Steel Facial Roller - HPG (Mixie)

Brands can be part of a daily beauty routine with the Stainless Steel Facial Roller. Packaged in a waterproof, branded bag, it helps improve the skin’s health and appearance through cold therapy.

HPG (Mixie) / PPAI 143213, S7

wellness promo - Hooded Coral Fleece Robe - Towel Specialties

Whether given as a gift or sold in a gift shop, the Hooded Coral Fleece Robe encourages recipients to pause and relax. This unisex robe is plush and absorbent and features double pockets and a belt.

Towel Specialties / PPAI 113150, S8

wellness promo - Xander Resistance Bands - Spector & Co.

Kick off an employee fitness program or celebrate a gym grand opening with the Xander Resistance Band. These lightweight and durable stretch bands feature EVA foam-wrapped grips to make them easier to handle when exercising. They’re easy to pack and bring anywhere in a zippered storage pouch.

Spector & Co. / PPAI 168328, S10

wellness promo - Weekender Yoga Tote - Numo

Made from vegan leather, the Weekender Yoga Tote includes extended straps to secure a yoga mat, along with a spacious interior for a yoga towel and workout gear.

Numo / PPAI 112597, S9

wellness promo - The Outdoorsman water bottle - Garyline

Hand out The Outdoorsman water bottle at community or company wellness events. This 24-ounce, BPA-free bottle is made from 50% post-consumer recycled content and includes a flip-straw lid. Choose from a variety of colors, with the option to mix and match bottle and lid colors.

Garyline / PPAI 112004, S10

wellness promo - Two-Piece Exercise Dice with pouch - {CNA

Personal trainers and fitness centers can give these fun Two-Piece Exercise Dice to clients and members. One die features numbers for reps or times, and the other shows different exercises, like push-ups and crunches. After a workout, just pop the dice in the branded pouch.

PCNA / PPAI 113079, S15